Blue flag beaches of Zakynthos Island

Check out all Blue Flag awarded beaches of majestic Zakynthos. So many reasons why Zakynthos is a top destination worldwide. See below one by one, all small pieces of paradise, and lose yourselves in crystal-clear waters and unsoiled coasts.

Tsivili Beach– 9’drive from Avalon Hotel

One of the most famous beaches in Zakynthos. It is mostly sandy and partially pebbly with sunbeds, sun loungers and a few lively beach bars. Quiet parts for relaxation are also available. Children-proof with swallow waters and adult-fun with watersports.

Bouka Beach– 10’drive from Avalon Hotel

The beach strip is narrow, with soft sand and some rocks in the sea. Sunbeds and umbrellas, and a beach bar.

Tragaki beach– 12’ drive from Avalon Hotel

Α sandy, well organised beach with various facilities for swimming, sunbathing and sea sports.

Katragaki Beach– 13’ drive from Avalon Hotel

Katragaki has sand mixed with pebbles and stones. Wild area with shallow waters and rocks that can be seen around the shore and on the sea bottom.

Argassi Beach– 15’ drive from Avalon Hotel

It is a long golden sandy beach that extends one km and offers a wide range of water sports facilities. One of the best beaches in Zakynthos.

Kryoneri Beach– 15’ drive from Avalon Hotel

Large, pebbly, organised beach with shallow waters.

Kalamaki Beach – 17’ drive from Avalon Hotel

A sandy beach with tourist facilities. The area is part of the National Marine Park, dominated by the impressive rock formations and at the centre.

Louros Beach– 17’ drive from Avalon Hotel

A long and wide, sandy beach with its shallow waters,perfect for children, is a natural extension of Laganas beach. It is protected by the Natural Marine Park, as it is the nesting area of the endangered Caretta Caretta sea-turtle.

Alykanas Beach – 19’ drive from Avalon Hotel

Alykanas beach has a wide range of water sports, and soft sand and shallow waters making it perfect for the whole family.

Psarou Beach– 19’ drive from Avalon Hotel

A quiet sandy beach with swallow waters along the unspoilt countryside wildlife in the area. The water is shallow, perfect for children and there are no sunbeds or water sports.

Laganas Beach– 19’ drive from Avalon Hotel

A natural bay, organized beach with water sports facilities. Laganas Beach is protected by the Greek and international legislation as a birthplace of the endangered species of sea turtle Caretta-Caretta and is part of the Greek National Marine Park.

Alykes Beach– 20’ drive from Avalon Hotel

The area of Alykes Zante (or Alikes) took its name from the salt-pits (alykes in Greek) hidden behind the village of Alykes. Those salt-pits used to be the main source of income and wealth of the islanders. A beautiful sandy beach can be found in Alykes, with amazing sand and crystalline waters.

Agios Sostis Beach– 22’ drive from Avalon Hotel

Agios Sostis is a sandy, shallow, rather small and picturesque beach in a tiny island of spectacular beauty due to its unusual rock formations, the small caves and the pine trees.

Keri Lake Beach –30’ drive from Avalon Hotel

Pebbly with crystal-clean waters but the sea depth is sandy with sunbeds and umbrellas. There is also a small harbor and two diving centers for unforgettable experiences under the sea.

Banana Beach– 31’ drive from Avalon Hotel

Banana is the largest beach of Zakynthos island, famous for the exotic waters that shine under the sun light. It is fully organized with umbrellas and sundecks and beach bars. The beach distinguishes for the rocky landscape and the soft golden sand.

Gerakas Beach – 34’ drive from Avalon Hotel

Gerakas is considered one of the most attractive beaches of Zakynthos for its turquoise waters, sandy beach and unique unspoilt features and offers a shelter for the endangered sea turtle Caretta-Caretta. It is actually a large cove with crystalline waters and golden sand. Some rock formations are scattered on the seashore offering a feeling of protection and

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