Monuments of Zakynthos

There are a big number of monuments that have been built in order to distinguish the personalities who born or who spend their life in Zakynthos. All the monuments and busts are located especially in public places like the big square of Solomos.

One of statue is dedicated to the national poet Dionysios Solomos. On it base is engraved a line of his poem “Hymn to Freedom” that is representing the Glory, the main inspiration for all of this creations.It is flanked at both sides by two cannons and the stele that remembers the writings of another poet very much loved by the people of Zakynthos, Kalvo.

In the memory of a famous Italian poet born in Zakynthos, in the Solomos square is located a bust that is dedicated to him. In the same square is possible to see the cenotaph of Foscolo, with the statue of the “Weeping Angel”.