Traditional Delicious Zakynthian Cuisine

The strong point of Zakynthian cuisine is homemade food. Throughout the island, you can enjoy a lot of dishes, starring the cock, with wine or macaroni, the rabbit stew, which is now famous as the stew of Zakynthos, the awesome garlic sauce, the well-cooked boutrídia that make up the local variation of the briám, the characteristic scallops of eggplant, the sofigadoura, that is, the bruised sheep’s or goat’s meat, and the aromatic sgatzeto from the lambs or goats’ guts wrapped in a special way. The uniqueness of these dishes is in the ingredients that accompany them in their cooking style. For example, in the Zakynthian stew, all the secret is in the local water-onions, in the sauce from the grated cheese ladotiri and in the sofiigadoura, the exuberant gruyere.

Well, we wouldn’t be talking seriously if we left the sweets out of this conversation.

You cannot leave the island without trying or taking with you the mantoles, the pasteli, the mantolato and the fitoura.

The mantolato includes egg white, honey, sugar and almond. In a cauldron, boil the local honey for one hour and once the yarn is added, add the egg white and stir for about 4 hours. Once roasted almonds are thrown, the mixture is placed on flour leaves. Once freeze it is chopped and ready.

The pasteli is made with sesame seeds, honey and almond, while the fimbria is made with semolina and water.

Another sweet with Zakynthian identity is the frygania. It is cool, light, reminiscent of ekmek and to enjoy it, you must climb up to Bochali where you can gaze all over the island from above.

In recent years, however, a new sweet dominates the island and you can find it in many shops. One of its best versions is in the youthful and wooden Boomerang on the beach of Tsilivi.

Now let’s talk wine.

In Zakynthos there are about 19,000 acres of vineyards and each house has its own barrel. It is worth wandering through the vineyards and especially enjoying the wines produced from varieties that grow only here. The most characteristic are the white ones like Paul, Cardinal, Skiadopoulos and Gustolidi and the red Avgoustiatis. Paul has the highest efficiency and is characterized by high acidity and lively yellowish-green color. Avgoustiatis is an excellent variety with a rich aromatic potential and an exuberant mouth that can be improved even more. From the unity of Paul of Skiadopoulos and Cardinal,
the famous wine of Verdea is born. Its name means green and it suits it because it has high acidity.

Finished wandering around savoring all the above? Is it sadly time for your way back? Worry not, Zakynthos’s got you covered. Oil, cheeses, wines, and water-onions are your packing essentials.

Why stop all the fun when you can prolong it?

Enjoy at all times.

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