Zakynthos by Night

OH THOSE SUMMER NIGHHHHTSSSS!!! Tell me more, tell me more…

Ok, I will!

Basically, you’ll have to choose between two main mood styles. The ‘Party Mode: ON’, or ‘The Party Mode: OFF’. These moods may vary; they can co-exist, blend-in or switch, not only day-by-day, but during night-time as well. The games are on. Play your cards wisely for maximum island-fun results.

Now, on ‘Party Mode: OFF’, you have Vassilikos village. You can enjoy the most romantic dinner of your life under the sounds of Zakynthian cantata in one of so many restaurants in the area. Restaurants, taverns and cafes are the main gig here with dangerously high-levels of romance threatening visitors. Death by Romance is quite popular around here. It can be love overwhelming with life-time chronic symptoms. Still worth it.

So, there is that. But there is also ‘Party Mode: ON’!

Argasi, Tsilivi, Laganas, Alykes and Kalamaki are delivering on that big time. We bet you that there is no way that you don’t run into someone you know from back home. At first you won’t recognize them, because they will be mysteriously super happy and tanned. Maybe they won’t recognize you either, the thing is you won’t care.  All those Bars, Clubs and Discos will wash away all your sorrows till the morning
after.  There is the urban legend and ancient song that there is a DJ that can save your life. He mostly does his best work the night before.

And if you want to return the favor, take him/her out to dinner in a romantic restaurant in Vassilikos. See what we meant previously? They are all inter-connected and working for you.

Oh, and don’t forget, if you do stay out late enough, extravagant sunrises are on the house…

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